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Originally Posted by YP0534 View Post
I know most of us are spending more time here than at the old place and I for one am extremely glad for it. I haven't had my stomach turn once since I arrived here and it happened at least daily on the other board.

I have made a suggestion to put a link to the forum's new home page somewhere within the forum area but I also want to make this suggestion to each of the members:

If you put a link to this forum in your signature at the old forum, you should link to the main home page instead of directly to the forum. The introduction page is very good and helpful in knowing who we are and why we're here. Visiting lurkers may be more willing to warm to fellowship if they see that page first rather than the potentially overwhelming forum index.

Your signature changes globally on all your old posts over there so that anyone seeing anything you wrote in the past would also be able to see where you are posting now as well. But many people would be helped (I know I would have been) by seeing a friendly home page such as we have here now.
Point taken. I also think the best way to "advertise" this new forum, is to reference it in our old Berean signature lines, which get displayed with every read. The Berean forum comes up on all searches, so it is the best banner we have. As long as we occasionally post there, maybe the BARM guys will be nice about it.

There are also occasional posters who would show up and wonder "where's everybody go?" Anybody got time for an email writing campaign to former friends?
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