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Default Re: My Unforgettable Memories: Watchman Nee and Shanghai Local Church - Dr.

Originally Posted by Igzy View Post
Let me get this straight. You can prove that Hsu got the idea that Nee raped (someone) from the Chinese Government, not from any other source? Is that what you are saying?
You may as well either ignore me Igzy or else start reading what I actually say. I am not a story teller, nor a gossip. Sometimes I do stray into personal vitriol, but assuming that much at least is easily recognised, the things that I am saying, are said from a forensic position.

What I said Igzy, is that I can prove that the Chinese Government itself initiated the accusations of rape and this pre-dates any other reference in either China or the Western world claiming that Nee raped women. That includes anything which Dr Hsu had either written or claimed herself.

What I am not saying because it would be subjective presumption, is that Dr Hsu took that claim of rape from the Communist publication I am making reference to.

The fact of the matter is very simple. Did anyone anywhere accuse Nee of rape before 1987 either in China or the Western world. I can prove by publication and Congress Registry Book record that the Chinese government appointed 6 researchers to study the religious situation in Shanghai in 1983 just after Bishop Ting came to his office of the TSMP movement. The publication is supported by the words and encouragement of the man who presided at Nee's denunciation hearing in January 1956. He was the then chief of the BRA. His name is Luo Zhufeng.

Only one man and one church is singled out in this official publication, for special attention, and that is Ni Tuoshen and the Shanghai Christian Assembly. I am not making a doubtful claim am I Igzy it is clear, precise and cannot be retracted can it?
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