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Default Re: My Unforgettable Memories: Watchman Nee and Shanghai Local Church - Dr.

Originally Posted by amrkelly View Post
Don't talk rubbish man. Did you know Nee personally? Then how on earth can you speak of his 'power'.
Because I was in the movement he started. I have firsthand experience of the culture that has its origins with him. Witness Lee never submitted to anyone in his life but Nee. And when Nee went away Lee expected everyone in the world to submit to him. He thought he was Nee's successor and that meant to him he was the Minister of the Age to the entire Church in the world. I'm not kidding or exaggerating.

And Hsu's book told without a doubt that it started with Nee. Why? Because the culture she describes is so similar to the one I knew firsthand that it couldn't be a coincidence.
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