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Default Re: My Unforgettable Memory: amrKelly

Originally Posted by amrkelly View Post
I presume you are able to comprehend that the only person who can actually ask me to leave is the moderator. I suppose in that sense Igzy you can take the term 'anyone' to mean anyone except you.
I think UntoHim would make me a mod again if I volunteered. I wouldn't ban you, or ask you to leave. But I would keep you on a short leash. If you want to use this board to spread your beliefs about Nee and Hsu I suggest you behave. Because if you keep it up, I will volunteer. My advice would be, now, and in the future;

(1) Find some humility somewhere.
(2) Stop acting as if your opinions are facts.
(3) Try to see the other posters' points of view.
(4) Read a book on emotional intelligence. You are a smart man, but your emotional intelligence is next to zero. You have little concern for the feelings of others. You think this makes you objective and honest, but actually it just makes you callously clueless on how to discuss things with people who disagree with you. Classic symptoms of someone with low emotional intelligence.
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