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Default Re: My Unforgettable Memory: amrKelly

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post

There are enough ad hominems in just this one post towards our occasional acting moderator to have disciplined any other poster.

How long will this character be allowed to insult each and every poster who disagrees with him
Mr Ohio do you want me to go through the last several hundred posts and show you where you yourself provoked situations by your own hand? Take responsibility for yourself and let others take responsibility for themselves. The difference between us is a simple one Mr Ohio. I speak plainly and direct my comments for the most part in generalities of nations. You on the other hand make personal snide and insidious comments which are self evidently calculated to antagonise and provoke me by name. I can show that too if you have the stomach for it. But we both know you don't want to have to be genuinely plain, you want to be able to say what you mean in such a way that it may just fall on the side of doubt. That is generally called hypocrisy in most places.

It is really simple Mr Ohio leave me alone and stop making snide and insidious remarks. This is a public forum and there are now over 400 posts made in this thread since I joined and most of my 138 posts have been factual and without personal rancour or direction. The viewing stats have gone from 18,500 six weeks ago to the present 28,100 today. Everyone who reads these things are capable of making their own minds up. No one needs a helping hand from someone who only plays descent if it appears not to be clearly wrong. I am very happy to make no personal comments whatsoever. When I do follow that course, after a very short while someone makes a post which stands against what I am saying, as in the case of bearbear, this time round. I accept their comment because it is clearly perfectly reasonable and it has no more direction that their clear disagreement with some of my own comments. Then you lovely boys see the opportunity and wade in with personal comments which are intentional and directed as personal and antagonistic.

Leave me alone Mr Ohio. No one is making you read anything and no one is required to comment. If they do, including myself, no doubt it ought to be above personal acrimony, to nations or individuals. Why don't you leave it at that? I can and have done several times. Read the record Mr Ohio it is not hidden it is plain for all to see.

Finally what I say about Dr Hsu is relevant to this thread. I am posting in no other threads and do not intend to do so. If Dr Hsu can tell the world that Nee was a multiple rapist then I have the same right to say that when Dr Hsu became fearful of the consequences of her faith in China in 1955/56 she exercised cowardice and betrayed her brethren unto death. If you can't take it Mr Ohio don't read it.
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