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Testing your position, could you apply the Scriptures you quote to this not-so-hypothetical organization:

A group meets together regularly, does not have formal leadership, but there are numerous believers of more maturity and experience to whom the others quite often defer. Yet, in some matters, and at certain times, some who were "sheep" rise up due to a leading or a burden, and the others give defenrence to his speaking and experience in that matter. As such, the set of those who "lead" in this group is a different "set" at different times (even if usually just a few, recognized brothers). Many members of this group also have frequent fellowship with others in different congregations, including their "leaders".

By my reading of the Scriptures you quoted, this group is in violation of Biblical prescriptions: they haven't appointed anyone to an office; there was no laying on of hands; there is not a definitive "set" of identifiable leaders to whom submission and obedience should be given - but, descriptively, there is - at any given time - much submission and much obedience.

If your identified prescriptions are indeed prescriptions, then this is an unBiblical group. Do you agree?

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