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Default Re: How Many Are Former Members Of The Local Church

Originally Posted by anotherchurchkid View Post
This board might not be for me, as I dont identify as a christian anymore. However, I think any of us who were raised in the churchlife, especially in an active city like Irving was in the 80s, knows the true spiritual abuse that happens there..

As one who kept his faith when he walked away, and still identifies as Christian, I'd say your journey is just as real to you as mine is to me, and that your voice is as important here as anyone else's. The non-Christian perspective is a valuable window into what happens in the LCs. Think of sociological, cultural, psychological insights; to be more specific think of an Asian-flavored personality cult.

Some defenders of the group say that our complaints are of 30-year-old events; "Get over it", they say. Testimonies like yours show that the manipulation and control issues are still there, just modified a bit to be less obvious. All the more reason they should be pointed out.

Originally Posted by anotherchurchkid View Post
I beg that you don't close your eyes to any marital problems you see. Help and stand with those that the church turns their back on.
I write partly for those who don't write, who think that somehow it was their fault, that they "couldn't make it" etc. Mostly I write for self-therapy (and boy do I need it!!), and occasionally because I just like to hear myself think. This forum is for you as much as for anyone. Thanks for writing and peace to you.
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