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Default Re: How Many Are Former Members Of The Local Church

hello, this is my first time to post here.
In the LC from 84 (birth) until '08. My entire family (parents, siblings & siblings-in-law) are not just members, but serving full time.

Marital problems were the final straw.

Although growing up, even as a small child I was very conflicted when told I was 'chosen'. It never sat right with me that we had all the answers and that other christians (and everyone actually) were in the dark.

It wasn't until I was put into an abusive marriage with an emotionally unstable brother, that I completely saw through the fraud. When I decided to leave him, an elder told me I could not. In the locality that I was in, I saw first hand that there was no care for anyone other than College freshman. When leaving my exhusband I lost all friends, and family too for a while.

This board might not be for me, as I dont identify as a christian anymore. However, I think any of us who were raised in the churchlife, especially in an active city like Irving was in the 80s, knows the true spiritual abuse that happens there.

I beg that you don't close your eyes to any marital problems you see. Help and stand with those that the church turns their back on.
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