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Default Re: 'Ground of the Church'

Originally Posted by Bradley View Post
Right. That quote they keep saying, how Lee told Nee 'even if you do something different, I will continue to take this path' - it helps everyone say 'oh we are not following Lee, we are following his vision, we would continue to follow it even if he wasn't'.

Except its one thing to say that, its another thing to do it.
Bradley, the entire late 80's turmoil in the Recovery was about this. Actually there were two parts. Firstly it was Lee and the LSM/FTT in Taipei changing the entire nature of the Recovery, breaking every rule laid down in the so-called vision book by Nee TNCCL. Secondly it was Philip Lee's abuses.

All of these brothers tried to act on the saying above, until they all eventually learned that it really was all about following a man, whether he was true to the Bible or not.
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