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The ground of the church is clearly the city. It is through the oneness of standing on this ground alone that we are aligned to Jerusalem. LSM is a movement! It is a living stream! The movement moves those standing on the ground off of it. The stream then carries them away. I have no issue with LSM; the Lord has allowed it. It brings understanding of obedience to the commandment to your lay your life down for the brothers AND in continued obedience, for the taking up again of that life in them! Now although I have no issue with LSM, it still presents a problem for the Church. Where the church has not dug down to solid rock through the obedience to lay your life down for the brothers, the force of LSM is greater than what the local church built there can resist. It is the proverbial house built on sand, the sand being a riverbed of the stream. The storm comes and much is lost and carried away, but revelation in the aftermath is great for some.
I am David, standing the ground of the church in Greenback in the Meeting Place State!
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