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Default Re: God doesn't care for right and wrong, only life

Originally Posted by Trapped View Post
Yes, I was thinking of that verse as I wrote the sentence you quoted and its my fault I didn't stop to make myself more clear. What I should have said is something like "under no logical conclusion could the nature of the tree itself be concluded to be death." Death wasn't an "intrinsic element" of the tree. Death was the punishment for disobedience.

If your mom bakes a cake and says "don't eat this cake before dinner or you're dead meat"'s not the cake itself that makes you dead meat, it's your disobeying and taking of it that makes you dead meat.

Yeah, Lee always says the tree of knowledge of good and evil is the embodiment of Satan. It's Satan himself who stays with Adam and Eve in Eden. So, Satan and Death are one. That's why the tree refers to death. This is what Lee teaches us.
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