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Default Re: I need a church life that isn't led astray!!!

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
Instead of researching whether some internet apologist ever had issue with some past teacher related to a nearby church, perhaps it's better just to reduce our views of "church" to those around us, and love and serve them.
My certitude is that I've confessed Jesus as Lord and entered a faith journey. Others have theirs, some with more certitude involved than that.

I used to fellowship with JWs and LDS on the street, and try to share "my Christ" with them, but at some point just stopped. Not that they were beyond some proverbial pale, but simply that the Lord said, "If you see the other coming at you with 10,000 troops and you only have 5,000, just sue for peace and keep distant." Others may have profitable discourse with them. I don't. Doesn't mean much beyond that.

Just because Philip ran up to a certain chariot on the South Road out of Jerusalem, doesn't mean all other chariots were doomed to eternal perdition. He was limited by the HS. We all are.

The command was, "Love God and love your neighbour." The person at your job site may be a Muslim or a flaming atheist homosexual. Okay. No problem. But if we are talking "Christian fellowship" then we have to assess the particularities of the HS' guidance within us.
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