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Default Re: New Comic Strip -- MOTA

Just a note: This was meant in good fun. I'm not actually saying here that LR members are nuts. I'm saying that Lee's attitude implies he expects them to be a little nutty.

His attitude actually reflected this. He was coy about publicly saying he was an apostle. His obvious reasoning was that he didn't want to open himself to ridicule. The fact is he knew the claim was nutty.

Yet, on the other hand, he clearly wanted his followers to think he was some kind of major apostle. Which means, as the comic satirizes, he expected them to accept the nuttiness of it, meaning he expected them to be a little nutty.

This continues with the current leadership. Clearly they think Lee was a major apostle, yet they are oddly timid to declare this publicly. On the one hand, they expect all followers to give him such respect, honor and corresponding obedience, on the other hand they are hedging their bets publicly, because they know they would be made to look foolish if they actually declared what they believe.

Simply put, it is double-mindedness and duplicity, which in the end is nutty.

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