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Default Re: If you were in Scottsdale would you take the Table..

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
I still donít know enough about Scottsdale Church to say for sure that I would break bread. When I visit community churches I am before the Lord not to engage in anything that would offend His headship or the authority of the Holy Spirit. Breaking bread is a serious matter and that is why I said before that a believer examines and judges carefully in that and should not be criticized for choosing not to partake of it.
Drake, the scripture admonishes us to examine ourselves, and not to examine others, and to "prove ourselves" so that we do not partake of His table in an "unworthy manner." (I Cor 11.27-29)

Yet you still promote false un-biblical standards on all other congregations, such as the Church in Scottsdale, as if you are the Lord passing sentence on the hearts of all God's children who gather in His name to break bread. You judge them on their name (calling them instead "Scottsdale Church"), and their origins (former LC minister Bill Freeman), and their lack of association with LSM (as if some registration with a publisher somehow legitimizes them.)

Yet when you have witnessed all the corruption and unrighteousness at LSM headquarters, you have no thought to judge them. So many scripture stood ready to convict them, yet you can only find excuses for them based on abstruse readings of exclusive doctrines. You regularly dismiss the plain words of scripture for your obscure esoteric principles nobody else even has heard about.

Reminds me of the Lord's rebuke to the Pharisees, "Woe to you hypocrites, you pay tithes on mint, spices, and herbs, yet you pass by justice and the love of God." (Luke 11.42)
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