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Originally Posted by Sons to Glory! View Post
Here's a funny thought: Maybe bro Lee was a little like Fox News (a right-biased news network in the USA). Things were so skewed toward a low vision of the church (a "cheapened" added word itself) that WL thought he needed to "balance" things out. But in doing so he went a tad far and elevated man even beyond what scripture says.

(And now, like brother Spurgeon was fond of saying, "Let's smoke a cigar to the glory of God!")

Your speculation is way too complex. Brother Lee taught what he believed about the Bible and Zechariah 12:1 is a quintessential example. The leader of your group also under that same ministry embraced that teaching too. You donít have to but that is your inheritance should you choose to build on the revelation shown to others before you.

Yet, maybe that is not important to you.... or perhaps God is showing you something different. In any case, you should treasure your birthright.

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