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Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
The LSM "mission" is built on sinking sand, stating that only they are the Lord's testimony, and all others are hopelessly divided and helplessly degraded. The LSM mission is built upon Nee and Lee as MOTA's, the only legitimate Ministers of the Age, with all other ministers illegitimate at best . . .
And that is, sadly, the state of things. The exclusivity thing is so easy to fall into, I think all the more the higher the vision we've seen - it happens to so, so many groups throughout our 2,000 year history. In the end, it's just another manifestation and division of the flesh.

Oh that WL would have taken the fellowship of T. Austin Sparks back in the late 1950s. Witness Lee interaction with T. Austin Sparks - a supremely consequential and sad affair!
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