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Originally Posted by recoveringCK View Post
Unfortunately, what they actually do is substantially different from what they say they do.
Originally Posted by aron View Post
Today, with the internet, one can read the stories. LSM no longer runs the only printing press in town. One can read what happened to others, as they realized the extent of the gap between how the LC " church life" was supposed to be, and how it really was.
This is so true. I dramatically learned it in 2005 when I left the LC.

As LSM was about to excommunicate "quarantine" Titus Chu and most of the Midwest LC's, I went to the internet to study Plymouth Brethren history in order to sort this all out -- how could the LC's claim to stand for oneness yet have so many "storms" and nasty "divisions?"

I had lived thru the nasty "storms" and quarantines of the late 1980's, and had believed Lee's version of events because he was the only source of information. Things changed by 2005. The internet made available the actual record of history, how events were precipitated by Lee's own profligate son Philip molesting sisters and abusing workers.

God shined a bright light on the deception and corruption at LSM.
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