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Originally Posted by byHismercy View Post
Evangelical, earlier in this same thread same thread you said you believed if Witness Lee taught Satan indwelt us, he was wrong. You also declared to not believe Satan was omnipresent. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Did you position reverse because you know you cannot dispute WL doctrine...and remain in good standing with the LC?

Follow Gods word and be set free, brother.
You are correct regarding my position. I don't believe Satan is omnipresent. However I was pointing out that in the minds of many Christians, it is as if he is omnipresent. I don't really see the difference between Lee's view of Satan (as sin) indwelling the flesh and that held by the majority of Christians that Satan is around every corner or attacking them every day. Both views could be considered as giving Satan a kind of omnipresence. If we address Lee's doctrine shouldn't we also teach Christians that Satan cannot possibly attack all of them who claim to be attacked by Satan?
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