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Originally Posted by byHismercy View Post
Ohio, what do you think the Lord meant for us when you read Rom 16:17...Now I urge you, brethren, mark those who cause divisions and hindrances contrary to the doctrine which you learned and turn away from them.

I see the LC here...I would like others counsel here...this is a serious word from the Lord...( not LC counsel, please)
Let's look at this verse in pieces:
  • Now I urge you, brethren: This no doubt is a timeless exhortation from Paul for all responsible brothers in all congregations
  • Mark those: This is not the best translation here. Others say "take note, watch, consider, keep an eye on." LSM as a book publisher has used this verse to publicly excommunicate certain ministers, but I consider this the work of overseers/elders in each congregation, rather than some ruling body. LSM's extreme measures of publicly "marking" others often return to Levitical practices rather than God's love. Had their "victims" not been more spiritual and godly men, they would have filed civil lawsuits for libel and slander against LSM.
  • Cause divisions: LSM's record of making divisions is unparalleled, except for perhaps the Exclusive Brethren after whom they model themselves. None of these quarantined brothers ever made a division, rather they were only faithful to the Lord and His word to speak out against abuses from LSM.
  • Cause hindrances: Or "occasions of stumbling." Just consider how many have been stumbled by LSM during every storm in their history? Read the Intro section on this forum.
  • Contrary to the apostles' teachings: The Midwest quarantines had nothing to do with the Bible, which is the Apostles' teaching. LSM quarantined them for teaching differently than Witness Lee. Imagine that! LSM condemned them for using contemporary Christian music in their young people's worship services. For shame!
  • Turn away from them: This forum helps those who desire to depart from them.
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