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Originally Posted by byHismercy View Post
Hi Drake,
Your question posed makes for a very logical proof to your stance. But, I will never be able to get past the fact that Gods word NEVER tells us "sin is Satan in virtual personification in our flesh."

Only Witness Lee. And Lees word is not higher than Gods divine revelation in His word, in fact, it is dung. You should flush it down.
In all sincerity,

The Bible doesn’t explicitly say everything. For instance, it doesn’t explicitly use terms Trinity or Triune to express the Godhead. Nevertheless, the fact is there. We examine all the scripture and using our limited understanding we articulate what we see of the divine things in the language we understand and speak. Same with Brother Lee and Nee. Brother Lees word is not higher than the divine revelation in His word but to many of us he had a point of view that encompassed the divine revelation in His word with the broadest inclusiveness. However, even that is insufficient in and of itself. It is the vision revealed to me personally that captured me for His recovery. That vision was facilitated by the Lord through a ministry of life to the extent that even if Brother Lee would have departed from it I wouldn’t.

So, if it all the same to you, I’ll not count my experience of Christ through this ministry as dung. Rather, it has been my life changer in Christ for four decades that I could not deny nor will I “flush it down”.

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