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Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
Except for the fact that Lee taught that Satan literally dwelt in every one of us.

That is how Dr. Tomes characterized what Brother Lee taught. He conveniently dismisses Brother Lee's qualifying statements such as :

"..the flesh is fully possessed, taken over, by Satan as sin.

"Satan as sin is in our flesh."

"As" has meaning.

preposition: as
1. used to refer to the function or character that someone or something has.
"he got a job as a cook"
synonyms: like, in the guise of, so as to appear to be
"he was dressed as a policeman"
in the role of, being, acting as
"I'm speaking to you as your friend"

It is easier for Dr. Tomes to craft an argument and gain support from dissenters by polarizing the points Brother Lee made rather than to deal with the intended meaning as Brother Lee delivered them. He just repeats old rhetoric to rally the base. And though it works for the base, it's shoddy workmanship nevertheless.

Yet, you have yet to offer your own explanation about what sin is and how it looks for opportunity to deceive you and slay you. If you do not agree that sin is the virtual personification of Satan then what is sin? Who is the deceiver? Who roams the earth seeking whom he may devour? It is Satan. Sin deceives and slays. Satan deceives and slays. Is sin the actual fallen archangel? No. Is sin the virtual personification of the fallen archangel. Yes! What is the character of our fallen nature since the moment sin entered through disobedience? It is serpentine.

Scriptures are clear. Brother Lee was clear. It is Dr. Tomes and his followers who polarize Brother Lee's teaching.

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