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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Its plausible but I don't think so and here's why.

If Satan knew of the plan of redemption he didn't need to stop it by using Peter... he could have stopped it by calling the Romans off or changing the minds of the chief priest so they never prosecuted Him. There is a verse that says something to the effect of "if the powers knew that the Lord was going to the cross..." . Well, I cannot recall it.

Anyway, I think then that Peter being called Satan was because his mind was emulating the mind of Satan... operating in the flesh, the good flesh mind you, but still operating not according to the things of God but the things of men.
If you think Peter was emulating the mind of Satan, doesn't it mean Satan himself was not operating in his flesh?

Here is my reasoning:
1. It is very likely Satan did not hear what Jesus said at all. That means Satan did not indwell the flesh (of Peter or other disciples there); or

2. If Satan did hear Jesus' words (based on the theory of Satan indwelling the flesh), even if he did not fully comprehend the wisdom in the plan, doesn't it make sense to stop Jesus' foretold death from happening whatever it means? Afterall, as you said, he can simply call the Romans off. From this, I propose Satan does not indwell flesh.
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