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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
I'd rather hear what you have to say on this topic providing you too do not also get overly verbose and long winded. Let's have a conversation. Perhaps you would like to take a crack at explaining why Jesus called Peter Satan. Was Peter really Satan? Why does sin dwell or how can sin deceive if not a personification of some sentient entity? Still, if you insist you can quote Tomes, if he represents your viewpoint, but hopefully you can articulate your own viewpoint without redirecting your argument into "Nigel Tomes said...".
If Satan can enter Judas, it is possible that he entered Peter at that time too.

I am not theologically trained so my way to approach this is simple. Don't laugh at my reasoning but if you want to know, allow me to start with this question:

Did Satan know Jesus' plan to die for us on the cross to redeem our sin?
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