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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
the substance of the argument that you avoided and instead retreated to a more general line of defense along the lines of believing God but not His servants (for which there is no scriptural precedence either... yet that is a different discussion).

Thank you for this thoughtful response, Drake. I really appreciate the discourse.
And to the point of believing God but not His servants....I have to say my receiving of counsil by my brothers and sisters in Christ is not what I am opposed to. It is the history of Lee and his ministry that makes him highly suspect in my mind as one whos counsil should be received. Turning the saints into merchandise made Jesus really angry and I don't like it either. Keeping his son Philip in the LSM office as he molested married sisters, discarding brothers who tried to take a stand against the evils of his son, shifting the saints tithes around into various business ventures, dividing the body of Christ to his own selfish gain, and many issues that I am now aware of....this man was not living before the Lord, and I would not look to him for his vision of Gods word, ever.

His comment on the saints losing their they "lost their virginity" after he knowingly fleeced them. That alone is enough to sicken me, and I am betting I'm not alone in that. He was a person I wouldn't have around my children....much less the Minister of the Age. Gimme a break.
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