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Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
I understood Lee to use the term Satan to describe the influence of Satan. Not literally meaning that Satan as the fallen angel indwelt every person.
I agree that Satan himself is not omnipresent. I understood Lee to mean sin/flesh as a personification of Satan. Lee possibly overused the term "is". "is this" and "is that", as a means to emphasize the point, rather than explain a literal fact.

That said, if Satan could travel faster than the speed of light, which I believe angels can, it would be possible for him to visit every person on the planet near instantaneously, giving the appearance of omnipresence.

Evangelical, I understand Lee taught that Satan himself literally indwelt all people, and this aberant teaching was later cleaned up, polished, and repackaged to say that Lee didn't really mean what he said, but an easier to swallow version of this teaching was presented. The Nigel Tomes article expounds on this, I believe.
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