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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Run by local church members is how it should be - it is biblical.
I didn't say it shouldn't be run by church members and your point that it's biblical to be run by church members doesn't apply at all. The issue we were discussing was the name being CoC instead of their real name of who employs them. The LC employs full-timers to work on campus and run CoC- there are no other Christian groups involved. They've been legitimately criticized by mainstream Christianity for being "deceitful" in their recruiting tactics- with one of the ways being the issue of using a different name. You can look that up yourself! They've been criticized for it and it is true, that cults also recruit this way. It's not a great way to be viewed- doing the same thing cults do and excluding your name from a group thats undoubtedly run by them.

Anyways, I never said that local church members running the group was wrong- I have no issue with that. To my knowledge- no one does. We were talking about their two names and I didn't even say that was unbiblical- just a bad practice! There are a lot of things in life that you aren't going to be able to straightforwardly pin point to Scripture for a clear answer. I don't think the Bible addresses either issue of who should run campus ministry groups and how they should be named but my point is, you're bringing up an issue that isn't being debated and then implying that my position on the new subject you've brought up is unbiblical. Stick to the issues please and make points that apply to the argument.
You may be doing this intentionally in an effort to frustrate me or maybe you're just not great at debating...not sure. I'm happy to keep this up though.
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