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Originally Posted by clever sister View Post
Christian Fellowship

CF is the [local] branch of TSCF (Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship), which in turn is affiliated with IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) – connecting us with a national and international Christian community.

From the local university's website. They aren't hiding their link to Evangelicalism.
I accept that, although some are, I believe. There is a Catholic forum discussion topic I found regarding whether the Navigators group is for or against Catholics. They conclude the latter not because of any clear statement from the Navigators but by inference from their stated belief in sola-scriptura. When these groups use the term "Christian community" they clearly are referring to only one particular branch of Christianity - evangelicalism.

As leastofthese incorrectly remarked "These groups are not about growing a local church or a denomination - they're about growing the Body".

To be strictly correct, "they're about growing Evangelicalism" which is a crossdenominational movement within Protestant Christianity . So clearly, they are about growing particular denominations and particular local churches which are part of that denominational flavor. Evangelicalism is but one of a number of movements including pentecostalism, Catholicism, etc and these groups clearly do not consider the whole Body of Christ.

I am aware that these groups will from time to time, hire the facilities belonging to a particular denomination in order to carry out some sort of service. For example, they might utilize a local baptist or Presbyterian church for the purpose of conducting a special service or talk from a local or invited guest. Why they did not utilize the facilitates of a Catholic church? Partly because they are not comfortable holding a meeting in the presence of Mary and other idols, but mostly because of some denominational affiliation and connection with these local churches. I really do not see the difference between this practice and the practice of the local churches in welcoming students to the Sunday meeting at the meeting hall or home group fellowships.
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