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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
This is refuted by the CRI's articles and others such as which temper any claims they are a cult.
You don’t want to bring up CRI’s credibility on this site. There’s a lot of discussion about the credibility of that organization. Actually, the DCP is currently trying to sue Harvest House bc they do include the local church in their recent book of cults. I’m assuming you didn’t know that.

Also, no- I did not say that because CoC don’t reveal their true identity- that it makes them a cult. Really? Absolutely not. There is a long list of reasons and that reason is almost in a category of “things cults do”, not “reasons it’s a cult.” And I disagree with your argument that few churches reveal their affiliations with their campus work! At least not at the college campus I live by! If you have a good reputation- it’s good advertising! If you don’t- it can scare people off. Normal churches have nothing to lose by including their name. Cults do.
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