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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Your arguments essentially reduce to :

"cults don't reveal their "true" identity"
"The local churches don't reveal their true identity" (I have stated over and over, there is no true identity necessary to be revealed other than "Christian" - this was good enough for the early church).
"therefore the local churches are a cult"

This is refuted by the CRI's articles and others such as which temper any claims they are a cult.

As I have shown in my previous posts, few para- or inter church organizations accurately and precisely states their denominational affiliations and resources that they use. Yet the leadership are often from a one or a few denominations such as EVANGELICAL denominations ONLY (no Catholics, please).

This is really no different to the practice of the Christians on Campus so I think we can dispel with the idea of cult-like practice if we consider these facts about what the other groups are doing.
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