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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
I disagree that it is easy to find negative information. Even if I type in more specific terms such as Local Church Cult, I get hits to some websites such as "Why do some people accuse you of being a cult?" on Clearly the articles which are positive and refute the negativity are in the top of the Google searches (so maybe their algorithms work afterall).
Your failure to realize this which you could have if you read the post below mine (to which I was replying to) shows you lack the ability to comprehend what you are reading and synthesize, which is typical of the younger generation.
. . . the younger generation lacks the patient to be able to trawl through a lot of data - they rarely read to the end of the page and end up twittering their friends instead for the solution. .
Evangelical, could your statements be more contradictory to your username? You're clearly trying to instigate people and your generalizations about the youth are just demeaning. I respect others opinions and even opposing ones on this page but you're just rude. While you're at it, next time you google search results on the local church, why don't you look up the definition of a troll.

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