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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
I disagree that it is easy to find negative information....
But a few have been helped. See below.

Originally Posted by BlueOrchid View Post

I guess I have been a "lurker" for 2 years now.
December 2015 was when I first visited your site.
Went through a depression but I knew what I was reading was true.
I have not been active in the church for a few years, but still know a few people and have gone to a couple of meetings in the last couple of years.

I remember certain instances starting from when I was around 15, where I started realizing something wasn't right. But I was so scared to even type something into google. We were taught that it was "damaging" to look up anything online. We were strictly advised against it.
We were fear mongered into staying into the church life "no matter what."
I didn't like the whole not hearing the other people's side. And the control and disdain for those who wanted to know. It was like a toddler clamping their hands over their ears and saying "lalalalala" (or the church life version "oh Lord Jesus") So annoying and sooooo FAKE!!! drove me nutso. haha.
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