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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Well I used the search terms "Witness Lee" or "Local Church" because these are the terms which UntoHim suggested college kids might use:

And since college kids are generally fully immersed in this "google age" we live in, when they google "Witness Lee" or "Local Church" they will probably shy away from attending any Christians on Campus event.

It might help if you read a little further down before jumping right in. It would save you some embarrassment.

You also claimed that a search like "Local church controversy" is "much more realistic and focused". I disagree that looking for controversy is the first thing a college kid or any reasonable person would do if they had never heard of the local church or Witness Lee before. UntoHim's search terms are more realistic. Still, if I google "local church controversy", it returns wikipedia links that my searches also returned (students can read about controversies from the wikipedia pages I referred to in my previous post), the website turns up which refutes much of the negativity, and clicking "next" a few times still does not return a hit for this forum where a college kid might be saved from the "LC cult".

The third top hit for your search term is "Dr. J. Gordon Melton— An Open Letter Concerning the Local Church, Witness Lee and “The God-Men” Controversy" - are you really considering this to be "a lot of not so favorable results"? A college kid might read this by expert Melton "Director of the Institute for the Study of American Religion" and conclude in favor of the local churches.
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