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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

The local church does not call itself "the Local Church of Witness Lee" so it's unlikely it will ever be called that. It would be equivalent to asking the Navigators to call themselves "The navigator evangelical para-organization that tries to convert Catholics on-campus"

When I google "Witness Lee"

wikipedia is first - it is reasonable to the local churches, not too harsh
gotquestions second - they are reasonable, not too harsh, even supportive, saying they are a "solid orthodox group of believers" is third
"Cult watchers reconsider" is fourth - this might dispel any rumors that it is a cult.

When I google "Local Church", a number of wikipedia articles are hit and then, a global directory of local churches.

All in all, the top google searches are favorable to the local churches. It's a Google miracle!

After clicking "next" 10 times, I gave up, no mention of this forum. So students will not be finding this "deceptions on campus" thread, most likely.
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