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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by aron View Post

But that you never let it go marked you as not fully "one" with the programme; that you subsequently left further cements their suspicions that you didn't "get the vision".

These people are deeply alienated from their fellow believers.
You have a point. In spite of usually being "accepted" in some sense, I never truly felt as though I was one with them.
It's kinda confusing. On the one hand I did feel a part of them, always feeling accepted in the big and small meetings, and they often went out of their way to bring me there (giving me lifts and so). And yet I recall that one time, sitting at my very small flatroom, alone, and seeing that they uploaded a video to YouTube. I saw friends I know in that video, and I just thought "Why didn't they invite me?". It's kinda petty, but it bothered me. Why wasn't I even aware of this?

This is the video:
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