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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by JJ View Post
The issue is not the name. It’s with the claim to be “Christians from diverse backgrounds” and that they won’t openly state their association with “The Local Churches” and The Living Stream Ministry”.

I worked together with two other “Church in My City” brothers as they ran the Christians on Campus Club in coordination with Living Stream Ministry and Bibles for America staff for a few years at the community college in the city I used to live in. I know exactly how it works and what is promoted at every on campus and off campus meeting for students. The Living Stream Ministry and The Local Churches. Is it that hard to understand this?

What really disgusted me at the end of those years was the pressure put on the students we had recruited to go to college conferences and FTT.

That experience was one of the last straws for me. I was hoping to help shepherd the students into a better relationship with Jesus, and thus to build the church, and bring glory to Jesus name. Turns out that wasn’t really what Christians on Campus was really about!.
Thank you JJ for sharing your experiences and observations. They seem to be in one accord with many of us here.

The most telling word, here, for me, was "pressure". Students are pressured to go to meetings, at meetings they're pressured to go to conferences, at conferences they're pressured toward the FTT, at the FTT they're pressured to "serve the ministry" and "go full time" as campus recruiters, so that they can apply pressure on others. Is that the gospel.
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