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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by clever sister View Post
I don't have a problem with Christian students coming together as a club on campus and preaching the gospel to their new classmates.

What bothers me, is that the saints were asked to put a lot of time and money into the campus work (because these young, vulnerable students were seen as 'easy' and 'ideal' targets.
What bothers me, is the deception that goes into make them look like just a bunch of students meeting together as a club on campus and preaching the gospel to new classmates, when it is actually being led by the LC and the students have little say in what is going on.

Ooops, quoted the wrong person
All Christian groups at colleges will engage in "deception" or marketing or activity designed to make convert. I heard that one group teach students to befriend classmates for that purpose. These groups are also led not by students but older missionaries, pastors or priests (the Catholic ones) who are part of a larger interdenominational organization.
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