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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by aron View Post
Deception is seen as the pathway to the truth. . . the end justifies the means. For example, "We're just Christians" . . . who are hiding our all-too-real affiliation. Once the target becomes interested in "just Jesus", slowly move them away by incremental steps of rationalization. "Christ only, Christ ever" soon becomes "Christ and the Church", which becomes the vector for the "ministry of the age".

Bait and switch. If you do it carefully enough, they never know what hit them.
So well said. Describes the journey of every LC member.

Fortunately it does "hit them," at least many of them, as it hit me back in 2005. By then, the thought of leaving gripped us in fear.

I looked back at the trail I was on, and said, "how did I ever get here?"
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