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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

One thing that struck me about Christians on Campus was the appearance of a lack of hierarchy. There wasn't a clear case of "this guy is in charge" or "this person manages everything". Only on this forum did I discover that there is a distinct hierarchy. After all, someone has to run this place, some one has to fund it! I just never thought it very cordial to ask these questions.

At our university they also have to have a minimum amount of members in order to register as a (religious) society. In fact, they failed to get the minimum one year, making them unable to have some of the weekly sessions on campus and yet some of them who weren't students still somehow got onto campus...

Good thing they introduced finger print verification.

May I ask in which country your university is? I know anything more than that might be too specific. It's interesting how the LC practices stay the same around the world.
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