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Default Re: Witness Lee's teaching on women

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Kumbaya>”Maybe I have it all wrong- maybe I don't. But I'm pretty sure you don't either, only Mr. Kangus can answer this to the Lord.”

Of course, we all will answer to the Lord for every word and thought including those in our posts here.

We can reasonably know his meaning but our assessment will be based on what we know about the man, what we have heard him say in person or in other messages, in print and how often, where.....etc. His words are not demeaning of women at all from the brother I know. Ron didn’t say he valued a rebellious brother, he said SOMETIMES he thinks there is something worse. Aren’t some things worse than others? His is not a statement of worth.

Ok, so I understand you're interpreting his meaning based on what you feel you know of him. I'm just pointing out, that there are many on this thread and members on other threads that have claimed to experienced a more sexist version than the person you describe.
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