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Default Re: Witness Lee's teaching on women

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Ohio>”Denigrating all sisters who desire to be spiritual cannot possibly be a witticism. ”

But he wasn’t denigrating all sisters who desire to be spiritual.

There are three references in the irony. There are rebellious brothers. There are spiritual sisters (I am married to one who far surpasses me in most areas)....And there are sisters who through their spiritual experiences become rebellious against headship in their household, against the leadership in the churches. The latter, or third, category are the “spiritual sisters” Ron was referring to. He is not a sexist by any stretch. As I said, he could have bluntly said the same thing but fewer would have been able to take it.

And irony is one way to express a point.

Sorry, but the spinmeister Drake was not there at the time to interpret all of Kangas' ironies to the brothers listening, including aron. They all thought Ron was speaking the truth.

When sisters Jane Anderson and 2 others were suddenly attacked in Thread of Gold, Benson Philips apparently missed the irony too. He was merely copying Lee's actions, thinking that made him a "spiritual brother."

Drake, do you see how this works?
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