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Default Re: Witness Lee's teaching on women

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Brother Ohio,

It is conversational humor. Brother Ron used a witticism, for sure irony and, depending on the context, perhaps sarcasm.

I have met all three character types mentioned is his statement so I get the humor.

Sorry Brother Drake, but Ron Kangas was not speaking "conversationally."

He was speaking publicly. Many heard him, including aron. Kangas spoke derogatorily of LC sisters, without clarification -- totally misogynist and contrary to the spirit of love in the Word. It was very similar to his flippant comments about Steve Isitt being a "man of death."

Don't you realize that the LC reaps what has been sown into the members by LSM? I have always hated cheap humor that tears at the fabric of society. Denigrating all sisters who desire to be spiritual cannot possibly be a witticism. Does he now give license for all spiritual sisters to provide sarcastic or ironical mocking of all preachers from LSM? Now that would be well deserved!

And please clue us in on the "third character type" in his pathetic "witticism?"
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