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Default Re: Witness Lee's teaching on women

Originally Posted by Terry View Post
I've listened to more than a few RK messages to know this is a consistent trait usually using a certain sister as an example. Yet, he can say it with the confidence knowing not one in attendance is going to make him accountable. This reverberates what's wrong with deputy authority teaching. Co-workers and elders irresponsibly can say what they want without being held accountable. After all in their mind they are the authority.
Yes....I'm learning about this "deputy authority" thing. Actually, if you or someone reading could recommend where to read about it in the ministry/elsewhere, I want to read more on it.

Along with not having accountability, I hate to speculate but I doubt he's attacked someone for being a "smug brother." Why not say, "smug saint?" I'm seeing the sexism more and more.
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