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The teaching that they (the LC--and basically only them) were going to "bring the Lord back" shocked and annoyed me more than most of their crazier teachings. I can scarcely even imagine an Almighty God being bound by His creatures in any way. In fact, I cannot. My mind just won't go there. And this business about the "ground" of the church being one per city has always made me shake my head. Apparently, the churches in each city in Paul's day were about 25 - 50 members. With everyone, for the most part, relying on walking to get to the meeting, there would not be many different choices for places to meet and certainly most would be close by. In other words--one per city because they just weren't that big.

So many of their teachings are created out of what appears to be thin air. First, the teaching that they--out of ALL the Christians on the Earth--are God's "recovery". Somehow they made it and no one else did. They are chosen. They are special. Where on Earth did they "see" this in the Word? Second, the teaching that WL was MOTA. While he was alive and teaching, I would look at him and think how pitiful it was that there were those who actually believed it. Again, what scriptural authority do they have for proclaiming his to be this? Third, the teaching that only the overcomers would be raptured in the first rapture--combined with the hint that those in the LC would surely be a part of those if they just hung in there (in the meetings). And these are only a very few of the crazy teachings! The first two have absolutely NO scriptural basis and the third hangs by a thread of unique interpretation of the parable of the wedding--which all but disappears once you know about the wedding customs of Galilee at that time. They have a right to their interpretation of the parable but, again, the first two teachings are just not in the Word and, therefore, not from the Lord, in my opinion.

When the Lord comes, they will undoubtedly think they did it. And yet, in the LC churches today, one can look around and know it just can't be so.
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