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One significant roadblock I have met again and again in my past attempts to get my family out of the LC deals with feeling the spirit. Some have said to me that the LC is the only place they have felt the spirit, or that their feelings confirm the presence and oneness of spirit within the group. It appears that this is still a stumbling block for us as we are finally departing.

Now I personally have always been skeptical about this. Initially coming into the LC, it looked attractive. So I tried it on for size and it did not fit. As much as I hate to admit this here, I can only recall two instances where I was in spirit by definition of being in an elated emotional state during a meeting. One of these instances was my LC baptism (my second baptism.)

Now my experiences of the spirit include private feelings of conviction or empowerment. I have felt comfort in my sufferings in solitude. I have felt love and encouragement in more intimate exchanges with other believers. But public displays of affection for my Lord have always felt awkward.

I had an interesting experience recently. I went to a memorial service, which clearly is an emotionally charged atmosphere in itself. The service was a Messianic Jewish service which was a new experience for me. I found it quite lovely and moving. I felt the spirit comforting us in our grief and as we praised the Lord, I felt joy for our dear brother who has left this world to be with the Lord. I feel like it is in these circumstances, where we share in each otherís grief and loss, where the spirit comes in and unites us. However, my LC family, who also attended the service, did not see it that way. There was bountiful criticism unleashed during the drive home.

It is my nature to shy away from charismatic groups. I havenít found any evidence that these emotional experiences are in any way a confirmation of my salvation. I see the unity of spirit to be a bond of love, humility, gentleness and patience between believers on a personal level. But, in case Iím missing something, is there any reason I should question my conclusion? Is there any evidence that there needs to be a corporate emotional response to the Lord?

Thank you.
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