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Default Re: How Much To Throw Out?

Originally Posted by JJ View Post
When we would "take the ground" in a city, we would have the spirit "we are the church, and you aren't", when that wasn't supposed to be the point. The point was supposed to be, all believers in this city are part of the church. So let's not argue over who is right doctrinally, let's just enjoy and worship Christ who is our life. But, we made "the ground of the church" a doctrine to divide us, rather than unite us.
That's still the attitude. Especially what I've seen the past 20 years in Western Washington. The definition of what the ground is especially since 10 years ago is more clear to mean Living Stream Ministry. If a locality doesn't have a LSM endorsing church, that city isn't considered to have a lampstand.
One in a local church could have the mindset of wanting all Christians to be one, but it's not possible if you mandate fellowship being based on LSM publications. Instead of a unity in Christ, there's division just as JJ posted.
"Even a neutral has a right to take account of facts, even a neutral cannot be asked to close his mind or close his conscience."- Franklin D. Roosevelt
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