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Default Re: How Much To Throw Out?

Originally Posted by aron View Post
The SDA practices are based upon concealment, which is definitely reminiscent of ICOC, the LC CoC, the Mormons, and even the EL spin-off from the Shouters. First get contact, even through artificial means (the end justifies the ways) then sort out the gullible ones (e.g. 'positive contacts') who'll take in the lies.

I would argue that the true gospel is simple and transparent. There is nothing hidden, no arcane final secrets. Yet it goes progressively deeper; yet as you go deeper, you go deeper into the bare, simple truth which was once revealed to all, and for all. Those who are in the darkness can't see this, is all. There is nothing to hide, no "hidden history".

God dwells in unapproachable light; God doesn't hide in the darkness.
Right. The apostles preached Christ, and this one crucified... and themselves as servants for the churches' sake. Thanks, Aron. All that makes manifest is light.
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