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Default Re: How Much To Throw Out?

Originally Posted by Terry View Post
One of my initial thoughts, "you mean LSM doesn't own the copyrights to this song?"
In using older, (19th century and earlier) Christian music, LSM could promote its ties to the "rich heritage" of Christianity. Look, ma, we are orthodox! But if any recent Christian music were instituted, after Nee started writing hymns, then the "one trumpet" idea would be violated.

So Keith Green's melody to Psalm 51 - "create in me a clean heart" was very threatening to Lee (so I suppose).

And "seek ye first the kingdom of God" was composed by a young woman who wanted to sing for Jesus. Maranatha Music used it on one of their first albums and it was a huge hit.

When this kind of music began to make inroads into the LC, I daresay it was a concern. Christianity was supposed to be dead letters, traditions, and darkness. How could the spirit possibly move among them? But there it was, threatening LC hegemony on the Spirit.
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