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Default Message: Pathetic prayer.

Message: Pathetic prayer.
When the Rangers are doing poorly, I pray for them to do their best. Rarely do I pray for them to win, but sometimes I do. Especially in 2012. This year (2013), we had a 6-game losing streak and I prayed for it to END.

As pathetic as that may sound, it has the virtue of honesty. Pray honestly according to whatever is in your heart. He knows your heart. Do you think He doesn't? Do you think you can hide what's in your heart from Him? Please! Don't add delusion to the list of problems! Just pray from your heart and ask Him to change your heart. Be willing for Him to change your heart. He may just teach you how to pray, while He's at it.

Message: God is clean.
There was a time in my life 15 years ago, or so, that, with pen in hand, I prayed for the Lord to bring to mind every sin in my life for which I needed to confess and repent. I didn't "go fishing" to find things on my own, but I let Him speak to me. I made a list. I wrote down what He brought to mind, so I wouldn't forget. I was not surprised about some of the things that came to mind. However, some of the things were very surprising. He reminded me of things I had not considered, and things I had not thought of in years--if ever. I took my list and began to pray over it, item by item. I wouldn’t leave an item without a complete and thorough prayer and repentance. I wanted to be clean. From time to time, I go back to Him for a "tune up". Christians need to deal with sin every day and not let things pile up.

If you're having problems "figuring out" what it is God is saying to you, or what God wants you to do, or what direction to take in your life, consider this: you may not be clean. God may have already told you what He wants, but because of unconfessed sin in your life, you have offended His Holiness. He may not trust you with the next step until you obey what He's already commanded you to do, and you must first be clean.
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