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Originally Posted by countmeworthy View Post

This is the basic and logical principle that we must care for: we can never express God or represent God by our own life. Consider your life. Your life is incapable of expressing God; it is only adequate to express yourself
. ... At any rate, we all must admit that our natural life disqualifies us from expressing God and representing Him.

Witness Lee, Life-Study of Genesis

Well NO WONDER the LSM/LC is in disarray !!! They're reaping what they & Lee sowed!

To a certain extent, a woman is not even qualified in life to represent her husband, because her life is not as high as her husband’s.
I wonder how Lee's 2 wives felt about this. They must have suffered something awful...unless they accepted their fate because 1) they were Chinese and 2) they were Lee's wives.

And just so everyone is clear Lee was not a Polygamist. Lee had 8 children by his first wife before she died. He remarried after his wife's death. I don't know if they had any children together.

It would also be interesting to know something about THEM. Anyone know?

"Sister Lee," so far as I know, is still with us. They had no children together, she probably already being past that age when they were married. She is a dear, sweet sister who poured herself out to take care of Witness. From his testimonies, it seems Witness was quite obedient to her in the matter of what he ate.

Also, Stephen Kaung was remarried not too long ago. His first wife died a number of years back. This sister who married Stephen was simply burdened to take care of him. He didn't want, at first, but then agreed.

Stephen is looking pretty good these days. Because of her burden and care, he has had, and probably will have a few more years of needful ministry among the saints. She also has been burdened for the legacy of his ministry. Consequentially, there has been quite a renovation over at his ministry, in every aspect.

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