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Originally Posted by Hope View Post
I know for certain I heard WL say this and heard BP and others quote him. There was always an automatic knee jerk reaction by WL and his close circle toward strong women. But then they had the same reaction toward strong men who did not line up with the program.

I cannot ever remember any more than a passing mention that in Christ Jesus there is neither male or female.

This subject or problem is not limited to WL or the LC.

Thanks for sharing this, Hope. In many ways this explains a lot. I knew he spoke like this in public and assumed he did in private, but I don't think I have ever heard this clearly stated before by someone who heard him.

I have been in on the picking-up-the-pieces end of the lives of ex-LC sisters and their families for a number of years now, including my own . I agree with you that this is not only an LC problem, but a much broader one among Christians in general.

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